Families Ferguson took a sunny Sunday to go to Odds Farm Park, in Buckinghamshire, UK to see the goats and cows and chickens and sheep. Liam has a keen interest in chickens at the moment… and he does a great impression! Ba-Gok!!

A very insistent Scarlett wanted to take Liam to the Little Swings, for Liam’s first time on swings. Elaine was telling us that Scarlett was talking about pushing Liam on the swings for a week prior to us arriving and she was very excited. Scarlett was patient and got her wish, and it was worth the wait. Liam ‘wheeee’d’ with glee! Adorable.

Scarlett, Izzy and Liam got to play at the farm park and feed the goats, sheep and see all the other animals, Donkey, Cows, Pigs and Chickens and had lunch after a play in the play-area. On Sunday it was very wet so we went to Zoomania, an indoor playpark. The big girls went on in the massive 50′ high indoor play center and Liam goofed around in the toddler section having a grand old time.