Liam has been extra cuddly since we’ve been back from London, whether it’s because of all the one-on-one time he had, or whether it’s just part of his little mini-evolution into a toddler, we don’t know. But I can’t say I mind! His new ‘word of the week’ is “CUGGLE” (cuddle), and he doles them out in spades!! It’s my new favourite word. Mummy loves cuggles.

He’s had rather a fun week too… he’s getting so energetic that we’re really making efforts to get him out to burn off steam as often as our work schedules (and the summer heat) allow. He made an afternoon trip into Monaco, and mummy took him to see the Helicopters and ducks and geese and turtles. And today, mummy and daddy took him for his very first swim in the sea!!

We took the train to the next town over, Villefranche-sur-Mer, where the beaches are narrow, but the sea is warm, protected and shallow. Plus it’s one of the prettiest places on the coast, and the bay is beautifully dotted with sailboats and a cruise ship or two!

Liam LOVED the sea. It didn’t take him long before he was running into the water on his own, and he had no trust issues to mummy and daddy motoring him around out of his depth, and he didn’t mind getting saltwater splashes in his face. He didn’t much care for the armbands, but we’ll keep trying them now and again, when he’s ready. Can’t wait to get him out to the beach again soon!!!