It was Liam’s 2nd Canada Day celebration this year, and we invited the Canadian crew over to Chez Ferguson’s for a Canada Day BBQ on July 1 (which was much more fun than heading into Monaco for the Royal Wedding).

Liam was in fine form, very outgoing (and comfortably the centre of attention). Rosa brought Sam, who is around 10 years old, and despite the fact that he had to hang out with all of his mom’s grown up friends, he spent some time playing hide-and-seek with Liam (who thought that Sam was the most fun thing ever!) It was a great evening, and didn’t end until around 2 in the morning (when we were conveniently all out of wine).

The late night on Friday, coupled with the fact that Liam woke up at 3:00 in the morning (which was pretty much when we were going to bed, and he didn’t go back to sleep… thanks Liam) made for a pretty lazy day on Saturday, but we made up for it today (Sunday) by taking Liam out to the Ile Ste Marguerite, a small pedestrian only island off the coast by Cannes. Ile Ste Marguerite is ‘famous’ for it’s Fort Royal, an old fortress which is where the Man in the Iron Mask was supposedly held in the 17th century.

It was Liam’s first ever boat ride as we took the Ferry 15 minutes across to the island, and he was super excited, pointing at all the other boats and helicopters that were buzzing around.

We took a nice stroll around the island, wandering under the shade of the umbrella pines and eucaplyptus trees, and then we stopped for lunch at a snack shack by the fortress, and when all was done, and Liam was starting to get too tired, we stopped off for a bit of a dip in the sea before taking the ferry back to the mainland.

He fell asleep in no time in the car, and in fact, is still asleep now in his cot. A very tired, but happy little boy. Can’t wait to take him out for a day trip next weekend!!!!