Another great week with the Fergusons!

It was Bastille day this week (the French national holiday), so mum took the day off to take Liam on a little jaunt to the woods, while daddy concentrated on his work. Liam loved it, although the 15 minute catnap he took in the car on the way home was unfortunately just enough to tide him over until evening, so he was off to bed early and missed the spectacular fireworks.

Mummy and daddy got all dressed up to go to a party on Saturday night, and Liam stayed home with the lovely Laura, his favourite babysitter, and he apparently had a grand time and went off to bed no problems at all.

Today (Sunday) is a bit overcast and breezy, but that didn’t stop us from heading out to St Laurent du Var for a playdate at the beach with Josh and his parents Lynsey and Eric. Liam and Josh had a GREAT time together, and got quite mucky! Looks like Liam has a new best friend! And as you can tell from the pics, he has absolutely no fear of the water!