A reasonably early start for the Fergusons (after a late night of packing!!)

By 09:30 we were on the road to Italy, and Liam was better than expected, and managed to sleep a couple of hours in the middle of the day. We stopped in the medieval walled ‘fortress’ city of Lucca, just outside of Pisa, so Liam could stretch his legs before the final stretch to our villa.

We’d heard Lucca was lovely, and it didn’t disappoint with it’s winding little streets and the large open Piazza. We’ve missed some amazing musical acts that have been playing throughout the month of July!

We found a pizzeria on the piazza and Liam had his first real italian Pizza (he shared mum and dad’s of course… his appetite isn’t that big yet!) After lunch we took a walk on the pathway up on top of the wall… the pathway completely circles the city, although we just took a bit of a wander on part of it, before hopping in the car and heading that last hour and a half to our destination in Chianti.

We rolled into Santa Maria a Poneta around 5pm, and after we chucked our luggage into the apartment we took a wander of the grounds and then a dip in the pool!! What a great way to end the day, and what a great way to spend daddy’s birthday.