Not the best of weather today. A bit chilly, and intermittent rain, but that didn’t dampen the Ferguson’s holiday!! It’s still a lovely break from the hot, hot, hot and humid south of France!

We explored the Santa Maria a Poneta property today… and just kind of chilled out! The property is huge, with lots of lovely garden space for Liam to explore, including a horse farm, as the owner of the property breeds and trains horses for jumping.

Liam’s had a lovely time with nature. A nest of swallows lives above one of our windows, the aloe vera plants have lots of snails on them, and there are tons of resident lizards, horses, dogs and cat! Liam is quite fond of ‘Kinda’, a Jack Russell Terrier who is much more fond of the food Liam drops than of Liam himself, but can frequently be found on our little terrace doing his best to stay out of Liam’s not quite gentle reach.

I suppose we really should explore some of the countryside, but when you’re staying in a place as idyllic as this… why bother! The best of Tuscany is at our doorstep!