Still a fairly chilled-out day. The weather was much improved today, so after an early trip to the local supermarket to stock up on more food for the week (Liam is LOVING eating chunks of parmesan cheese!!), we spent the rest of the morning playing in the garden and the pool.

Liam took a long afternoon nap, as he seemed quite tired from all the fresh air and exercise, and mum and dad took to the lounge chairs by the pool with books and glasses of wine. (we’re very happy our apartment is right beside the pool so we can hear him when he wakes up!!)

Later in the afternoon we took a little drive into the town of San Gimignano, one of the more popular towns in the Chianti area. It’s another walled hilltop town, although much smaller than Lucca, and it’s very well preserved with several towers that are visible from a couple of kilometers away, and has spectacular views over the Tuscan countryside… rolling hills, vinyards and Italian cypress trees.

The town was busy, but I think we missed a lot of the tourism crush by showing up so late in the afternoon. We took a bit of a wander through the cobbled streets, and stopped for a very yummy gelato before heading back home.

Another perfect day!