Lovely day today. Mostly hot and sunny, some clouds roll in and then out again. A great day to hang out by the pool, or under the shade of the olive trees.

After Liam’s afternoon nap we took a little road trip to Volterra, a lovely town about 30 minutes or so away. We were surprisingly charmed by the town, which was a bit less touristed than San Gimignano, but equally lovely and historic. Volterra is not only known for being a picturesque medeival ochre-coloured town, but it’s also famous for it’s artisanal Alabaster products. The alabaster is mined from caves not too far away, and is renowned for it’s purity and workability. Of course mummy bought an alabaster photo frame for herself, an alabaster love heart for Liam, and a wine bouchon for daddy. Tutto bianco!

And the drive there and back was nothing short of stunning. Whereas the countryside around our villa is lush and green, filled with forests and olive groves and acres and acres of vinyards, the countryside around Volterra took on a different hue. The hills were much more golden-hued and less lush, because the soil is much heavier in this region the fields are more suitable for rough pasture and heartier crops.