Rain. Rain, rain, rain. And then more rain.

Very quiet morning staying in our little hidey-hole, looking longingly out the window and hoping for some kind of sign that the weather will clear. There was none.

So after Liam’s afternoon nap we decided to brave the weather and at least take a bit of a drive, and perhaps venture for a bit of a wet walk in a village. We headed to Greve in Chianti… a town that was recommended by several guides as one one of the best towns to visit in Tuscany. Well. Can’t say we agreed with that description. It wasn’t particularly pretty or interesting, but it did have a main square lined with arcades, which turned out to be a great feature, as Liam could wander about without getting wet.

And to our complete joy, we discovered an artisanal meats shop, and the ceilings were literally lined with giant hanging legs of proscuitto. There was every kind of meat product you could imagine in this shop, and if you took the dark stairs down to the cellar…. a CHEESE cellar! We’re all about the food when traveling, and we could have stayed here all afternoon.

By the time we finished oooh-ing and aaaah-ing in the shop, the rain had pretty much stopped, so we just kind of meandered around a bit until Liam demanded some ‘I-ceam’, and we stopped for a bit of bruschetta and a glass of wine (and a gelato for Liam).

The drive home was long and winding… but quite dramatically pretty as the sky started to clear and the clouds hung to hilltops and valleys.