This weather really is all over the map. Spectacular day today… temperature somewhere in the 30s with giant puffy clouds that occasionally drift in and give you a bit of respite from the heat.

Spent this morning visiting the horses down at the stables, and then taking a walk a kilometer or so up our rural road to a cheesemaker that we spotted while driving in. Mmmm. Cheese. They make pecorino only, so we bought two different kinds, which Liam was happy to nom nom nom on the way home (and then ask for more!)

Lunch was a divine smorgasbord of meats from the shop in Greve, and cheeses from the cheeesemaker. Pity the italian bread is so awful, or it would have been the best meal ever!!!

After Liam’s nap we had a bit of fun in the pool, and then took a drive to Siena, which was not nearly as crowded as we’d feared, and we let Liam run around the main square, Il Campo, for a bit (with his I-Ceam) before starting to have a wander back to the car. At this point Liam turned into a demon-toddler — didn’t want to be in his chair, didn’t want to be carried, and didn’t want to walk in any direction we needed to go. And so he did what any demon-toddler would do in the face of such a dilemma. He screamed. And threw him hands on the ground. And then sat and refused to move. In a confectionary store doorway no less (he chooses good places to dig his heels in).

But we soldiered on, and as we neared the car we found a nice little playpark with a pond with ducks (Liam still loves his ducks!)… and baby ducks! And swans! That did the trick, and we soon had him in the car and on the way home.

He’s such a trooper.