Busy morning, packing and cleaning and getting ready for the road trip home.
Liam had a last goodbye with the horses while mummy packed up the last of our stuff, and then off we went… North to France.

The drive was fairly uneventful… Liam was a bit fussy being in the car such a long time, so we took a small pit-stop for a cold drink and a bit of a toe-dip in the sea at Forte dei Marmi, north of Pisa. It was a bizarrely quaint little seaside village with miles and miles and miles of sandy beaches and row upon row of beach lounge chairs. The town had a real ‘1970’s’ vibe to it… I don’t think much had changed since then! But it was kind of cool in a retro-kind of way, and Liam liked the sand and sea! But our stop was brief, we had a lot of ground to cover!!

We made it home by around 5pm… Liam hadn’t slept much, and we did our best to keep him entertained by shouting ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ at all the tunnels. There was a LOT of tunnels. ‘Hello nunnel!’ ‘Buh-bye nunnel!’

Nicole and her friend Colin had been staying at the apartment while we were in Tuscany, so we had planned a nice BBQ with friends for the Saturday night, before Nicole left for London on Sunday. It was a great evening, and Liam stayed up later than usual, hamming it up for the crowd.

We were thrilled to see the Nicole… sad it was just for the one evening. And most of all, we’re happy to be home.

It was a great family holiday.