He really is becoming a real little boy so quickly.

A lot of transitions this week. Now that he’s become accustomed to our very full ‘holiday’ schedule, Liam is now demanding to go out every day (“our car”, he says, standing by the door at 9 a.m.) So mummy and daddy are trying very hard to fit a little morning expedition into our weekday schedules, before we get too busy with work, and before it gets too hot to go outside.

We’ve removed the baby-seat attachment to Liam’s chair, so he’s now sitting at the table like a big boy!

He’s figured out how to piece together the train track all on his own now, and although it doesn’t resemble a circuit yet, he has managed to do a really long and twisty track with bridges and a tunnel!

He’s also started to develop an interest in drawing, so we’ve just bought and assembled his own little table and stools, where he can draw and colour whenever he wants (and hopefully spare our walls). He’s fond of Elmo colouring pages.

Yesterday we piled into the car with our good friend Bridget and drove about an hour up the coast to Bordighera, Italy… for a little walk by the seaside; something different to do. It was a spectacular day, Bordiguera is a charming town, and we were home in time for a nice, late naptime.

Today we took Liam up for a walk in the forest up on top of the mountain by Eze, where he was able to charm the other walkers, chase butterflies, say hello to friendly dogs, and find as many stones and pinecones as his little hands would carry.

Gotta love weekends.
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