We’ve been having an unrelenting heat-wave for at least a week, and the lack of wind has made for some unbearably hot days. We’ve done what we can to get Liam out during the mornings, because it’s just too baking hot to take him out in the afternoons. Even the terrace is off limits until dinnertime, when the sun starts to lower and ease off the heat.

So between the heat wave, and a very busy mum and dad, it’s been a fairly uneventful week. Although we’ve been in the habit of making frozen fruit smoothies every day this week, which Liam loves (and he’s asking for them every afternoon!!)

We also enjoyed a Skype Video Chat with Granny Simmons and Granddad Dick in NZ on Tuesday morning… it’s been a while!

Liam’s been into Monaco earlier this week to see the Helicopters (and to TRY to get an acceptable passport photo, which is harder than you could imagine and has taken six trips to the photographers’ so far). Daddy took Liam up to the Col D’Eze for a stroll through the forest up on the top of the mountain, and he’s been to the local playpark a couple of times.

This morning (Sunday) we took Liam out to the ‘Parc des Rives du Loup’ (Park of the Loup Rivers) and took a lovely meander along the walking path alongside the river. Stopped to say hello to almost every dog we saw, and fed dozens of ducks some fresh baguette. We’d never been before, but I’m sure we’ll go back!!

It’s going to be another super-busy and very hot week next week, so I’d imagine that not much will happen, Liam-wise. But September is coming, the weather should return to normal, and hopefully work will ease off a bit so we can have more good times out and about with the little dude.