La rentrée is the french for ‘see you in the fall’… it literally means ‘at the return’, because September is when the kids go back to school, and the shops and businesses re-open or go back to business as usual after the August holidays and slow-downs.

So… even though Liam isn’t in school yet, September still feels like a change in season and a change in structure.

The days are still hot, though less humid and the nights tend to cool down wonderfully. If only the mozzies would finally go away.

In addition to trying to balance work and Liam, we’re making an effort to make friends with other young families, and to make playdates for Liam. It’s time to start to integrate him into french social circles, and it’s time for him to have some little friends. It’s a bit of work for mum and dad to reach out and make new friends, but it will all be worth it for him in the long run. Plus it gets mum and dad out of their comfort zones!

Mum took Liam into Monaco for the first baby playgroup of the season last week. A lot of anglo’s go there. He was a wee bit standoffish, but he’ll loosen up quickly enough if we get him there on a regular basis. Maybe this winter we’ll enroll him in baby gym or something along those lines too.

Other than that, it’s been more of the usual. Off to the park. Little weekend half-day trips. And lots of play, play play!

We’re off to a BBQ with other toddlers next weekend (our first step to making friends with families with babies!), and then we’re off to Lake Como in Italy for a couple of days. Should have loads of new photos after that!!