New friends, Aurelie and Paul, extended an invitation for us to join them for a BBQ at their house, with other young families in the area that they’ve met. It was a lovely day… with great company, and tons of kids running about, aged 1 to 7. It was a real international mix of people and language: French, German, British, American, Kiwis and Canadian.

We already knew Lynsey, Eric and little Josh, which made meeting so many other new people a bit easier, but we all hit it off really well and we’ll be seeing many of them again next weekend at the EcoParc in Mougins.

Liam skipped his nap to attend the BBQ, and surprisingly made it through the entire afternoon before he started to become the cranky, overtired little monster we knew he’d become. We got him home just in the nick of time. Actually, that’s debatable as he pretty much screamed non-stop for an hour when we got him home, fed and bathed, but he’s now off to noddy-land.

We’re off first thing tomorrow for a couple of days in Lake Como, Italy. Daddy has a meeting in Milan on Monday, so we’re making a little family weekend getaway of it, before the weather turns to fall.

More pics to follow soon!!