We traveled up to Lago di Como on a very wet and windy Sunday. Torrential rain started the day but we made good time, enjoying the joys of the Autogrill along the way – An Autogrill’s Cappucino bests anything that Nice has to offer, at a fraction of the price.

We found the Villa Nina along the waterfront about 20 mins from Como without any difficulty and had a late lunch of Pizza and Pasta. There was not much to do – the weather was still wet and blustery and the stores were mostly closed so we spent the evening in while it stormed away during the night.

We woke up to no electricity, no hot water and no wifi. The storm, it turns out, knocked out the electrics during the night and also blew the powerbricks to both of our laptops and the portable iphone speaker set (and the B&Bs modem). Ah well… Mummy and Liam drove Daddy into Como train station for his meeting in Milan, and then had a playtime back at the Villa and tried to sort through the electrics problems. Electricity and hot water were back by late morning, but the Wifi was non-existent for the rest of our trip, which made working impossible. After Daddy came back from Milano, we took the boy for a run and play along the Blustery waterfront at Cernobbio. After a boy-nap we went up the coast for a drive North as the weather had finally turned good, stopping at a sweet river-front park called Comune di Ossucco at Ossucco and a delicious dinner of local cheese, meats and wine, at an Enoteca at Argegno where we chased Liam and his stick around the village fountain, glass of wine in hand.

This morning we went a little further north to Villa Balbianello at Lenno and wandered the immaculate grounds. For anyone who’s suffered through the 2nd (1st) StarWars trilogy it was the scene where Aniken and Padme got married. NoooooOOOO!! Its a bit of a a hike from the village to the Villa so we took a water taxi back which gave us an excuse to see it from the lake-side, though boy wasn’t appreciative of the chop. All the way back to the village he kept saying ‘All done boat!’ He was happy to get back to dry land, but not at all happy about the long drive ahead of us.

After that it was back to Como and the autoroute (and Autogrill) for the return trip home. We won’t be staying at the Villa Nina again, despite their perfect location. We had the self-contained studio, not in the main house and the fit-out had the feel of being whipped together for a quick extra buck. Cheap furniture and shoddy wiring – none of the lights worked, external lamps only in every room and all devices running off too few powerpoints/Italian Adapters eg fridge and burner. Perhaps this electrical setup contributed to our blown devices. Add to that bad wifi (when it was working) and cordial but unfriendly contact with the owners (though the lady made an effort on our last morning – too little too late), we were happy to get out of there.