Liam has been a bit unwell this past week. What we thought were mosquito bites last weekend turned out to be some sort of hives that came and went over the week. He was mostly fine, although clingy, but he developed a bit of a light fever and dodgy tummy by the end of the week, and slept in mummy and daddy’s bed one night because he was so uncomfortable (well, ‘slept’ isn’t very accurate).

But by weekend he was mostly better, and mummy took Liam into Monaco for a playdate with Natalia on Saturday (mummy’s boss’s little girl, who was visiting from London), and then a fantastic big group playdate at EcoParc in Mougins on Sunday, followed by a dip in the pool and homemade pizza at Barrys house with some friends. It was a fantastic weekend, but it’s flown by far too quickly and Monday is on us again.

Liam is knackered but had a great time playing with Rusty the dog, playing with the motorized kids quad bike, and just hanging out with a great group of kids and adult. He went to bed dreaming of ice lollies. Mmmmmm.

Mummy and daddy are knackered too.