As always, we’ve been taking advantage of weekends to get Liam out and about doing something different… and fun!

Today we’d organized a toddler playgroup at a small working farm (Graine et Ficelle, St Jeannet) about a half hour outside of Nice, up in the mountains. We’d been wanting to visit for a while, but ¬†thought it would be better with some little friends! ¬†It was a great turnout… Liam, and a half dozen more of his little buddies, spent a couple of hours wandering around the farm, getting to know the cats, dogs, sheep, goats, donkeys, the cow, bunnies, ducks, geese, chickens… and there were pigs, but Liam was having far too much fun playing with a recently harvested pumpkin (which he thought was a ball), and couldn’t be distracted from it!

After visiting and feeding all the animals, it was time to feed the kids, so we all enjoyed a picnic lunch on the rustic wooden terrace overlooking the farm, underneath the shade of some lovely oak trees (the kids loved looking for the acorns recently fallen from the tree, especially those with their ‘hats’ still on!)

It was a great day. Liam is exhausted and finally fell asleep talking about goats. And cars.