Not a lot going on… normally we work our weekends around Liam, but last weekend was a bit different and we worked our weekend around daddy watching the World Rugby semi-finals, and NZ has very rudely planned their game times right smack in the middle of Liam’s expedition time.  So mummy took him out for some low key fun while daddy parked himself on the sofa, hoping for a France vs New Zealand final.  He got his wish, so it looks like another rugby Sunday coming up.

Liam’s been into Monaco with mummy a couple of times in the past week or so:  we visited mummy’s friend Sharon and had a nice lunch at the beach with her kids, and today mummy took Liam to the Monaco Oceanographic Museum to see the fish and sharks, just for fun. He especially liked all the baby nemo fish.

We also took him out to visit daddy’s friend Maggie out in Villeneuve Loubet, before a little walk in the park to find some ducks. Maggie has a lovely garden, and while we had coffee, Liam ate his very first lemon tart. Two messy thumbs up!!!

The weather has just turned.  We’ve gone from shorts and sandals to jeans and jackets over the span of a few days.  But I’m sure we’ll hit a few more lovely warm sunny days before the month is through…