As I’m sure the Woolley’s in Canada know, mum kind of pines for a good North American Halloween this time of the year, with costumes, carved pumpkins, trick or treating and gorgeous fall colours.  It was one of the trade-offs in moving to Europe.

But hey…. we really can’t complain.  It’s sunny, warm, and we’ve taken Liam to the beach twice this weekend for a bit of autumn fun at the seaside. We can wait and do the costumes for Carnival in February (when the Canadians are usually freezing in their boots!)

We were a bit surprised at how hot it was yesterday, and we were wishing that we still had some summer clothes out!! So when we went out this morning we were better prepared for the heat. We took a lovely promenade along the waterfront in St Laurent du Var, where Liam had a fantastic time throwing rocks into the sea (and mum and dad kept helping him dodge getting a soaker when the waves rolled in).

We bought the dude his first super-bouncy little jet balls from the vending machine, which he LOVED (and hasn’t lost as of yet), and he enjoyed his very own freshly pressed orange juice while mum and dad had a nice cafe latte at the beach. We were surprised that he enjoyed the juice so much, as it was quite strong and acidic (not the sweetest of orange juices), but he literally sucked it all back.

And after our little pause, we went back to the waters edge, where we let the little dude run around in bare feet and splash in the sea. It didn’t take long for this rolled up trousers to get soaked, but it didn’t deter him from having fun!!  In fact, the moment that we let go of his hand, he turned and headed straight back for the sea, screaming with delight.  How we got him home without him being completely drenched is a bit of a mystery.  Or a lot of luck.

He skipped his nap yesterday, but went down like a ton of bricks today!!