It’s been one of the wettest weeks I can remember!! We’re on the fourth straight full day of rain, with 2 more on the horizon before we get a small break, and the rain returns.  In fact, the flooding was so severe down by Cannes today, that we were rerouted all over the place as the underpasses were completely submerged in areas, and the rivers had swollen over onto the roads.

So between the weather, and our caution about the road closures and protests for this week’s G20 summit and protests, it’s been kind of ‘meh’ for Liam. Now don’t get me wrong… the dude has embraced ‘lazing about on the sofa under a blanket listening to iTunes’ like a true champ!!  But we still did our best to get him out, even if it was just for a stomp in the puddles on our street between downpours. Which reminds me…. I really need to get him some rainboots.

We’d had a playdate planned for Liam with his little friend Josh this weekend, but despite our efforts, the weather just tore all the best laid plans apart. So we took Liam to the Cap3000 shopping mall yesterday, just so he had someplace dry to runabout and explore. As much as we hate shopping malls, it did the trick!!

Today we took the adventurous drive to Cannes, to go to Fun City, and indoor play centre.  It was fantastic… even better than the play centre we went to in London (which was pretty good!!).  The toddler area was really great, and much bigger than we’d expected, and although there were no theatrics or tears when it was time to leave, Liam would have happily stayed for hours and hours more!  He didn’t want to leave, but it was already an hour past naptime!!

We’ll definitely get back to Fun City many times this winter.  We’ll have to get Liam’s little friends to join us!!