The weekdays might not be much to write home about, but the our weekends are almost always fantastic.

We took Liam back to Fun City in Cannes yesterday, and met up with Susan, Emeil and little Tess, and also Shellee and James with Emmerson and Taylor!  It was an action packed day, and Liam spent half of it in the big kids area (he was almost keeping up with Emmerson, who is 3!), and kept going down the big slide, and even the scary, dark tunnel slide (nunnel slide!!!).  We were exhausted, but Liam managed to make it until well past 1 pm before he started his own little toddler crash out, and we took him home. We’re still not sure who was more tired, us or him.

Today we had our friends Sarah, and Lina & Fed over for a BBQ lunch on the very sunny terrace (L&F are 4 months pregnant with a boy, and inheriting a LOT of Liam’s hand-me-downs). A beautiful day, and Adam impressed everyone (mummy included) with his awesome BBQ leg of lamb and oven-roasted potatoes. Mum managed to make a couple more apple cakes for the BBQ, which went over equally well.  Liam entertained everyone with his anecdotes about garbage trucks, cars and tower cranes, and he cleaned his plate of food before heading off for a late nap.  Liam seemed to get on especially well with Fed, which is great training for the daddy-to-be!

Liam is still down for the count after the BBQ, which isn’t surprising. We’re really pushing his nap schedules at the weekends now, but ultimately he’s getting a whole lot of joy from them, even it his naps get a bit distorted.

The next two weekends are already filling up!  Loads more fun planned for the little dude, and it will Christmas before you know it. Time is passing too quickly.