If you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s probably mummy’s knees complaining, because mummy has just done her first run since before the pregnancy. But no promises for a quick repeat… let’s just see how we can ease this into our already busy schedule.

It’s a beautiful weekend in the south of France.  The days were warm and sunny, and we haven’t gone too far from home this weekend, but we’ve still had a great time.

We met up with an American couple who are having a bit of an adventure living in France, Kim and Don, with their little girl Martine, who is almost 3. We all met up at the ‘Chateau’… the big park up on the hillside overlooking the port of Nice on one side, and sweeping views over the bay and the city of Nice on the other.  The kids got on great, and tuckered each other out by early afternoon. Sadly for both the mummies and daddies, BOTH kids were too jazzed up to sleep, so both went without naps.

You’re probably thinking ‘That’s okay, Liam probably went to bed early instead.”  And you are right…. he did go to bed a wee bit early…. but he also woke up at 5:30 in the morning the next day.  Not exactly a win-win situation for mummy.

Today was a bit more productive… We took a drive to the old town to drop some stuff off in our storage cave, and pick up our Christmas decorations, then a quick stop at the Cours Saleya market for some fresh fruit and veg, before heading over to Villefranche (the next town over) for a bit of a wander along the seafront. It had been pretty badly bashed during those tempest seas a few weeks ago, and many waterfront restaurants were still boarded shut.

It turned out to be not the best outing for Liam, as we had to be extra vigilant that he didn’t tumble into the sea or walk into a car lane, as there were no barriers to keep him safe along the waterfront.  So we pretty much forced him to hold hands (which he hates… he just wants to RUN RUN RUN!!).  But he did enjoy walking along the seafront wall, and seemed to be pretty proud of himself despite the fact that he had to hold hands.

He’s down for a proper nap today, and mum is heading out shortly to see a girlfriend who’s celebrating a milestone birthday… (hint, starts with ‘Fif’ and ends with ‘ty’. Just a quick cup of coffee and glass of champagne with the gals, and then home to give sir Liam his bath and bed.  Happy Birthday Lia!!