Okay, well… actually it’s sunny, 20 degrees and we can comfortably go out without a jacket, but Nice is sparkling with Christmas decorations and lights, and the Christmas market officially opened this weekend. Unless we get a freak snowfall, this is as Christmassy as it’s going to get.  Apparently this November wasthe warmest on record since the beginning of the 20th century. And we don’t mind one little bit.

Last night we met up with the Canadian crew for a little holiday apero.  We’re not having our traditional Canadian Christmas dinner this year…. so we’ve made do with a little early evening get-together at a kid-friendly bar at the port.  Liam was in fine form, colouring and playing with his sticker book, sampling the food platters, and even managing to charm the people at the table next to us to share their food with him.  Little monkey.  About 9pm he just started to turn into over-tired devil-child, so we whisked him away home for a lovely, long sleep.

Today we had a rendez-vous to have our family portrait taken (at the special request of Grandma and Grandpa Woolley).  We’re fairly opposed to studio portrait photography, and in general we hate to pose for pics, but we were happy to simply spend an hour having fun family time, and have it documented.  Out of about 500 photographs taken, there were a handful that didn’t make us look too fat or stupid.  Happy Christmas!

Afterwards we took Liam to the Christmas market.  He can see the ferris wheel off in the distance from our apartment, but he was super excited to see it up close, and EVEN MORE excited to take a spin!  He fell asleep for his nap telling me how he went “up, up, up… then down, down, down”.  The views were fantastic, and we could see our house from up at the top!  Liam wouldn’t sit down the entire time, instead choosing to stand on the seat and look over the railing, so it’s safe to say he’s not afraid of heights!  We took him to the children’s playpark afterwards, but sadly he’s still too young to be admitted…. although the kindly ticket taker let me take him in for a 5 minute play on the ‘tiny cars’, which he loves so much.

After a bit of a stroll through the artificial forest, and the wooden cabins selling crafts and foods and gifts, we made our way home for a bit of quiet time.  I’m sure we’ll be Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Woolley in a  few hours, and we had a lovely Skype chat with Granny and Grandpa Simmons in NZ earlier this week.