We’ve had a bit of a rough week with Liam… he seems to be going through some ‘night terror’ episodes, which wake him crying and screaming and completely inconsolable for at least 20 minutes at a time. Not sure who it’s harder on, us or him.  At least he doesn’t remember it when all is said and done! We’re hoping this is a brief development that he grows out of quickly.

And Liam’s had a wee bit of a cold, but seeing as he is a champ at blowing his own nose now, it’s cleared up pretty quick and he should be in fine form for our Christmas travels!

And since we won’t be around for Christmas this year, we’ve bought a smaller tree, just for a bit of holiday ambiance around the house. Still… it may be smaller, but it’s the perfect size! Liam was very excited to go look for our ‘garbage tree’ (that boy is still obsessed with garbage trucks), so we could hang our ‘garbage lights’ and our decorations.  All the while, listening to Christmas music.

Liam’s favourite Christmas Carols so far are:  Eartha Kitt’s ‘Santa Baby’; The Muppets singing the 12 days of Christmas, Sting’s “I saw three ships”; and pretty much anyone singing ‘Jingle Bells’.  He and mummy sing together every night at bathtime.

We’ve had to take a few of the more fragile decorations off the tree this year, as Liam seems to be of the impression that anything shaped like a ball should bounce.  I can assure you, that is not the case.

And to kick start our holiday weekend, mummy and Liam made a batch of Christmas sugar cookies.  Liam helped to cut the cookie shapes and to decorate them.  A big mess was had by all, and we’ve got a few dozen cookies to last us the next few days if anyone wants to come ’round for tea time!

We were supposed to head out this afternoon for a bit of a playdate with one of Liam’s little buddies, but naptime was late and rocky, so we’ll have to pass. Maybe we’ll take him down to the ferris wheel again for sunset!  He’ll love that! But for now I’ll just let him snooze a bit longer.