We had a lovely visit with our friends Susan and Emeil, and their lovely Tess in Cannes yesterday. The plan was to have a good stroll around the Christmas market, a runabout in the port and a bit of a spin on the carrousel, and then some nice warm coffee’s and hot chocolates.  But a freak hail/ice storm wreaked havoc on the coast yesterday, turning it into a mini-winter ice and slushlyland.  We managed to make it into Cannes, but the weather dictated we hole up in a nice cafe for an hour instead of wandering about.  The kids were a bit stir-crazy, but luckily Santa happened by and saw us through the window, came in and visited the Liam and Tess, and gave us all some bonbons!  I guess he was spreading some Christmas cheer on a crappy weather day! Liam recognized him and said ‘Santa’ when he walked in the door!!

In other news, Grandma and Grandpa Woolley are en route to their wintering place in Florida, and we’re expecting word from them today that they’ve arrived safely.  Have a fun and warm Christmas!!

And congratulations to Liam’s Uncle Keith, who on a recent trip to Disney, popped the question to his girlfriend Joanne, and is now engaged to be married.  They have the Disney badge to prove it!  Joanne, welcome to our family. We’re not so bad once you get to know us.

We’ve got some last minute work to sort out, and bags to pack, and we’ll be on our way to London (two more sleeps)!!  Liam is already talking about Uncle Dan, Auntie Elaine, Scarlett, Isobel, and of course, George the Dog. He can’t wait. Neither can we.

Merry Christmas everybody.  Thanks for keeping up with our little family!