Unfortunately, Liam had a rough start to Christmas Day, as he was up half the night as his cold started to really set in, and we let him sleep as long as we could.  We woke him up just in time for the tail end of the family video Skype call with his Auntie Sarah and cousin Meg, and Pop Ferguson over in New Zealand as they were finishing off Christmas Day. Even though little Meg is the oldest cousin, she’s still close in age, and we missed her on Christmas morning!

Liam was still pretty zonked and out of it, although he started to shake it off a bit, enough to play with some of his new toys. But he tired of opening gifts pretty quickly, which is to be expected at that age… but Scarlett was more than happy enough to step up and handle the opening of his gifts for him!! Thanks Scarlett!!

We had a lovely, big Christmas breakfast once most of the gifts were opened, and Dan and Elaine even incorporated my family tradition of Christmas morning back-bacon!

We didn’t leave the house at all that day… no need to, as the kids were all engrossed in their new games.

Christmas dinner was a wonderful roast goose with roast vegetables, and Adam’s famous apple pie for dessert.  It was starting to feel like one big, long, never-ending, mouth-watering meal!!!  The next meal was in the oven while we were still loosening our belts from the previous meals!!  But that’s what Christmas is all about!!  Well, part of it anyway!

Liam didn’t eat a bite of his Christmas dinner… his appetite dropped right off as his fever climbed, although he did request a bowl of cereal before bed.  Not very festive, but at least it was food in his little belly. Poor little monkey.