We wish all of our families and friends, all over the world, a very happy new year.  May you all have peace, prosperity, health and joy.  We’re hoping for a bit of prosperity… everything else we’ve already got, and that made for a pretty good 2011.

It was a GLORIOUS day today. Unseasonably warm, sunny and still. So even though we’re still all suffering our colds (especially mummy and daddy, Liam is on the mend), we took a bit of a New Years’ walk along the seafront promenade, and enjoyed a drink at the beach. Liam enjoyed tossing rocks, and playing in a sandy patch.

We’d had a couple of playdate plans for Liam this weekend, but with us all still battling this cold, we decided it was best to opt out, and not spread our English bug around the south of France.

Attached are a few pics from the last few days at home, and Adam has posted  a few of the videos from our London trip to see Uncle Dan, Auntie Elaine, Scarlett and Isobel.