We’re all finally really on the mend from that nasty bug we caught in the UK… what a relief!

The year has started pretty well for the Frenchie Fergusons.  The weather has been fantastic, unseasonably warm with clear skies. Mum has just agreed to take on a new client so we should be able to start to get back in the saddle, financially. Or at least stress a little bit less. Let’s see how we do at juggling the extra work with Liam’s schedule though!  We’re on the lookout for a native french speaking nanny for a couple of afternoons a week to help us out, and get Liam started learning french.

We had Kim and Don, an American couple we know who are having a bit of a French adventure, over for BBQ yesterday, with their lovely three-year old Martine. She was so excited to come for dinner at Liam’s house, and he was a grand host and easily shared all of his toys with her. Both kids were shattered by the end of it, but it was a great afternoon.

Today we took Liam to meet his best buddy, Tess, at Fun City in Cannes. Susan, Emeil and Tess will be leaving in a couple of weeks, and won’t be back until spring, so we were really happy to get together while there was still time. It’s always great to see Susan and Emeil, and hey…. the kids LOVE Fun City.  Liam fell asleep last night telling me about the balls and the big slide “wheeeee”.  His words, not mine.

It was a great day. We’re all exhausted, and looking forward to Liam taking a nice long nap before his Sunday Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Woolley.

Less than a month until his 2nd birthday now. His party invites just went out last night, and we’re planning a nice afternoon BBQ party for him at our place. I think this will be the last of the ‘low key’ birthday parties, and next year it will be a full-blown kidsfest!