Busy, busy, busy.  Mumma’s working longer hours, missing Liam. But we’ve had a grand weekend!

On Saturday we met up with Liam’s little buddy, Josh, and his parents Lynsey and Eric.  We took a nice long stroll along the Loup River, about 20 minutes or so up the coast from us.  The boys collected sticks and tossed rocks, and ran and played.  After our walk we went to a lovely little cafe restaurant alongside the river for a delicious lunch in the sun, before heading home for a very late afternoon nap (for Liam, not mum and dad!)

Sunday (today), Mumma and Liam went to Parc Phoenix to meet up with little Valentin, who is almost 3.  His parents are both french, so it was a real franglais morning!  But the boys got to see all sorts of animals, including  wallaby’s, crocodiles, flamingos, turtles, fish and insects!  And they had a nice play in the sun in the parc’s playground.  We hadn’t been to Parc Phoenix before, but it really was great and is reasonably close (just across from the airport), so we’ll be back again soon!

Another long week ahead of us, and then Nicole is coming down for a visit from London for the weekend.