Well, we’d had a big weekend planned because Nicole was supposed to fly down for a long weekend visit, but at the very last minute had to cancel because her passport had been temporarily ‘lost’ by the Indian Visa agency.  No passport, no Nice. Not sure who was more disappointed… mummy or Nicole. But it certainly threw our whole weekend for a loop!!

So we took Liam up to the parc du Chateau on Saturday morning to finally use the rockets that Uncle Keith got him for Christmas, and WHAT A HIT!!  Liam couldn’t manage making the rockets fly on his own, but he liked jumping on the launch pad with daddy, and he loved chasing the rockets and setting them up for another go.  The only problem was that all of the other little boys in the park liked them too, and when Liam started to get upset that the other boys were getting to the rockets before he could, we moved to a bit more of a remote location. We’re all about sharing, but Liam deserved a fair shot of playing with his own toy!!

Today we took Liam out to Monaco, because the Circus is in town, and we thought he may want to see some of the animals in the menagerie.  Surprisingly, he wasn’t terribly interested or impressed with the Lions or Elephants, but he did like petting the tiny, tiny pony…. and he really enjoyed watching the helicopters landing and taking off (the circus is right beside the heliport).  And he enjoyed eating his very first crepe, and feeding the ducks in the park.  As long as he had a good time, it’s all that matters.

Special thanks to Auntie Aline and Gabrielle and Hannah for the belated Christmas presents that arrived in the post this weekend.  A couple of DVDs for Liam, and chocolates for us all to share!!  (Especially the box of Turtles!! Canadian Christmas Classic Chocolates!)