We’re past the cold snap, and back to fine and sunny weather again!! Temperatures in the teens again, and feeling even warmer in the sunshine.

Liam caught a bit of a cold after his birthday… nothing major, but the runny nose is hanging around a bit stubbornly. And he’s starting to make a bit of progress in potty training, resulting in him winning a few jelly beans this week! Sometimes he just likes to hang out on his potty and have books read to him (I think he’s hoping for bonus jelly beans).

We’ve been out as usual the last couple of weekends. Last weekend was still pretty chilly, but we took Liam out for a stroll at the beach, and a lunch of babyccino and crepes at the seaside. It was a fairly tranquil weekend after the chaos of his birthday party. And this weekend we took him down to buy a new helmet for his bike/scooter (he HATES the helmet), a trip on the ferris wheel to see the set up for Carnival, and then off to Josh’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Today we’ve been up to the big park on the chateau. Liam always has a great time there, and with Carnival in full swing, at least we didn’t get caught in traffic!!

We’ve taken loads of videos this weekend, from Josh’s party and daddy and liam playing football in the park, so hopefully they’ll get posted sometime soon.

We’ve had a super Skype week too!! Auntie Sarah, Ross & Meg in NZ, Granny Sue and Pop in NZ, Uncle Dan, Auntie Elaine, Scarlett and Isobel in the UK, and of course our weekly call with Grandma and Grandpa Woolley in Canada. Liam is a skype pro.

The rest of February will be abuzz with Carnival madness… we’ll get Liam out for a parade or two, and maybe up the coast to the citrus festival in Menton too!! Spring is around the corner…. pics to follow, as usual!

Daddy Update:

I’ve got a few pictures of wee boy from a couple of our mid-week walks. The first set if from a Forest Walk at the Eze Forest which had a tonne of standing ice along the path. Liam loooved walking on it particularly the patches that had melted a touch ‘it slippery’ he’d say and he’d slip and giggle and laugh.
The other pics are from down at the local park at the table he likes to sit and eat his snack. He used to climb up on the park bench and sit next to me and munch, but he’s moved on I guess.. ah they grow up so fast..
Liam’s a reasonably social wee boy, despite the language barrier, his younger age, and a often reservedness of the French kids. The first few are of Liam being shown his Gruffalo mini-book by one of the local girls and then a day later the boy’s round-table discussing the merits of their various toy cars. Liam has zero French at this point so his response might well be ‘Garbage Truck!’ or ‘Cakepop!’ as anything, but its a start. Unfortunately his best park bud Yue seems to have left Nice which is a shame as she was a total extrovert and brought out that side in him.