Not much to add this week… mum and Liam have been struggling with a bit of the flu, nothing too awful, but it’s been a busy week at work and mum hasn’t been able to properly rest to get better, and Mr. Whingey-cling-to-mommypants isn’t helping.

Seriously, mum’s on the mend, and hopefully Liam’s not far behind, although it’s awful to hear him say ‘It’s owie’ when he coughs. He has been a pretty good trooper about taking all of his medicine and syrups though! (we told him they were bonbons).

So we’ve stayed pretty close to home all week, although Liam has still been insisting on his morning jaunts out. ‘Get ready to go? Go to park?’ he’ll say… And then he goes off and gets his shoes from his bedroom, to try to force the issue. How can we say no??? In fact, not only was he adamant to go out to the park, but he also couldn’t be dissuaded from wearing his dinosaur rain boots, even though the weather is sunny and warm. Crazy dude.

Hopefully we’ll all be loads better for next weekend so we can take in some of the last days of Carnival. But now that daddy’s coming down with a scratchy throat, that may be a tad bit optimistic….