It’s been a pretty good week. Mummy and Liam are over that nasty bug from last week, and mummy even got to play hooky for a morning mid-week and took Liam up for a walk in the woods up the coast while daddy had his meetings.

The weather has been fantastic, full on springtime! Temperatures in the mid to high teens and the days have been sunny!!

Since it’s the last weekend of Carnival, we took Liam out to a parade yesterday at the seafront. Unfortunately it was the flower parade, which is our least favourite, but a flower parade is better than no parade at all!! Liam had a grand time running around the gardens in his ‘Super Liam’ costume, and then we headed over to the parade route to watch the floats, try to catch some flowers, and dance around to the music!! To be honest… Liam was perfectly happy trying to pick the confetti off the ground, and playing with empty cans of silly string. But as long as he finds joy, we don’t care where he finds it! (although he does his best to find it in the ice cream drawer of the freezer….)

Today we took Liam up the coast to Menton, which is the last french town before the Italian border. Every February/March they hold the ‘Fete du Citron’ (Citrus Festival), a two-and-a-half week celebration of their notable history of citrus production in Europe. After so many years in the south of France, we’d never actually been to the Fete du Citron, so we decided to give it a try this year.

*yawn* After the madness of trying to find a parking space (bonus points to daddy for finding such a great spot after we’d given up and were about to head home), the sculpture gardens were jam-packed, and not toddler friendly, and Liam bored pretty quickly of it. But because the parade wouldn’t start for a few hours, the streets were blocked off and we could have a great wander without fear of cars, which made Liam immensely happy!! And we got a ‘behind the scenes’ view of everyone getting their floats ready for the parade. Liam enjoyed a freshly pressed orange juice, which seemed fitting for the citrus festival.

He was down for a very late nap today, so he can stay up extra late tonight and watch the fireworks display that mark the end of Carnival. We’ll have a great view from the terrace, and Liam has never seen real fireworks before, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it (especially if the garbage truck passes by at the same time!!!)

Next weekend will be a great one! We’re saying goodbye to Liam’s baby bedroom, and hello to his big boy room. Bedtime will probably be a bit difficult for a while!!!

UPDATE: March 5, 2012. Liam LOVED the fireworks, and spent 20 minutes on the terrace shouting “Ooooooh! FIREWORKS! FIREWORKS! Big green one! Bang!!! Fireworks!!! Bang, Bang!!…” And then, I kid you not, he’d ask for the garbage truck. He was adorable, and Adam managed to sneakily record some of Liam’s joy on the microphone is his iPhone.