Well… not the easiest of weeks over here!! We’re having some ‘sleep issues’ with dear Liam.  Little monkey simply will not go down for naps (at least not without enormous struggle), and even bedtime is difficult! I suppose it was to be expected now that Liam has a big boy bed that he can get out of at will… and we’re struggling a bit to find a new routine that will give him the sleep he needs, and us the time to get on with our work, etc. We haven’t found that routine as of yet, and in the meantime there has been plenty of crying, screaming, and a massive battle of wills. Your guess as to who’s doing what.

That being said, yesterday naptime was Liam 1, Mummy 0.  Today we’re tied 1-all. Which is why I have a moment to update his website!!

It’s been a good week otherwise. Daddy found a new playgroup for Liam to go to with other french kids, and a music class on Thursday mornings which we’ll maybe start Liam on next week. Yesterday (Saturday) mummy organized a big playgroup at Fun City in Cannes (one of Liam’s favourite places!), and there was a great group of parents and kids, some we knew already, and some new faces.  Everyone had a great time. And then Liam finally got to try his hand a painting later in the afternoon. Hysterics ensued when we finally said ‘all done’… symptoms of an over-tired little dude.

Today we took Liam out to the beach at St Laurent du Var, where he could ride his scooter and bike, and then have a bit of play in the sand.  The weather was a bit dodgy as we woke up to some rain, but to our surprise, it cleared up rather well. Liam enjoyed himself, but was also quite insistent that he wanted to go for coffee!! So much so that he went and installed himself in the cafe, and we had little choice but to follow! No, he didn’t pick up the tab….

He should be in good spirits this afternoon now that he’s napping away. Maybe we’ll even give him an ice lolly!!