A bit of an anxious week for us.  We got the call on Monday evening that Grandpa Woolley had suffered a stroke at the weekend, and was in the hospital.

We didn’t have a lot of information for those first 24 hours, other than the fact that he was improving steadily, and regaining his speech. We called him in the hospital and he was obviously struggling to talk to us, but when we spoke to him again an hour later he sounded much better.  Meds are awesome!

We fell asleep that night with Liam comforting mumma, his hand over my neck saying “Grandpa sick. Mumma sad.”…. “Garbage Truck!”

The good news is that grandpa is well on the mend. Comfortable (yet bored) in the hospital. And after almost an hours conversation with him yesterday, I’m pleased to say he sounded like his old self, only a little tired and as anxious as we all are.

Looking forward to finding out when he can return home, and I think it’s safe to say that a trip to Canada this year has shot up in priority for us.

We’re thinking of you Grandpa.  Get well soon. And stay well!!!!!