Liam had an active and social week this week, though he’s picked up Daddy’s bug and not been 100%. Despite running a wee fever, having a couple of sleepless nights and general wheeziness he’s been a trouper.

We’ve met Kristall and her Daughter Louise (same age as Liam) who’ve been very helpful showing us what’sĀ aroundĀ and available for kids and had a couple of play dates this week. Firstly Kristall organized a group of parents who got the kids together on a sunny Tuesday morning for a play in the sand at the beach and on Thurday Deb and Liam joined Kristall and Louise and a bunch of other kids for a Music Lesson by music teacher Helene, playing drums and other instruments. In both cases the other children were French so it served another purpose other than to have fun; to expose Liam to more French language and better integrate and expand his vocabulary beyond ‘Merci’.