It’s been another rough week… Liam just getting over his cold, mummy’s cold turned into full blown sinusitis, and we’re all still a little jittery about Grandpa Woolley’s health.  Throw in a few sleepless nights (for mum) and you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

But our weekends are almost always great, and we really do our best to make them real ‘family’ days.

This weekend we all went up to the big gardening shop (and hardware store and Toys R Us). Spring is really, really, really here, and it was time to spruce up the terrace. Last weekend we gave it a deep clean with our new high-pressure washer, and this weekend we planted the herb garden, picked up a rose, lavender, and jasmine bushes… and repotted the frangipani and the bougainvillea.  And, to put the cherry on the proverbial cake, we picked up 100kg of sand (which daddy had to carry up all those stairs, as our elevator is STILL broken). And three big bags of topsoil. Daddy totally earned his wine and bonbons that evening…

So, why did we need so much sand?  Why, for Liam’s sandbox of course!!  Every little boy needs a sandbox, although I must admit I am already dreading how much sand I’ll be trying to clean off the floors INSIDE the house. But Liam loves it, he really does.

Sunday morning we were invited to a birthday party for little Guilliana, who just turned 2. Her party was at Fun City (which is one of Liam’s favourite places in the world anyway), so it was a great morning of fun, cake, bonbons and good company.

Later that afternoon we invited a few friends around for a BYO-BBQ. Lina and Fed will be welcoming baby Kaj Maximus DeFelice (wow, great name!) in a matter of weeks, and shortly afterwards they’ll be moving to Australia, so we thought one last group get-together was in order, on such a fine spring weekend.

We had prezzies for everyone… a gift for Lina and Fed’s soon-to-be son, and belated birthday presents for both Sarah and Kristy.  And since Liam was being such a good boy distributing everyone’s presents, we got him a couple of presents too… a steamroller and some spades for his sandbox.

And today, even though it was a Monday, was a pretty good day.  Liam had his 2-year check up with Doctor Linderoth, and he was a real champ. And Mr Postman brought lots and lots of packages today:  A care package from Grandma and Grandpa Woolley with lots of easter goodies, jello packets, and some spring clothes for Liam, and some belated birthday gifts from Uncle Keith:  a Muppets Tshirt, a Crayola colouring book, and two Dinosaur-cars (that transform from Dinosaur to Car in just a few moves).  BIG hit with Liam. He wouldn’t leave them alone all day long.

Looking forward to getting through the week, because April is going to be a really, really busy month, and weekends will be even more valuable!