Liam’s third Easter, and what a great one it’s been!!

Saturday morning mummy and daddy took Liam to a local municipal pool, as we’d been meaning to do for ages! It was a great time, but not without some complications!  The french do have some wacky rules, so even though Daddy and Liam were both decked out in their matching boxer-style swimsuits, they were both asked to leave the pool as that is not ‘acceptable’ swimming attire!!  French rules state that all boys/men have to wear Speedo-type swimsuits!!!!  We borrowed a pair from the pool for Liam, but daddy understandably declined and had to sit on the sidelines and watch the fun.  And EVERYONE has to wear a bathing cap.

So, swimsuits all sorted, Liam had an absolute blast in the pool. He took well to the armbands, and was comfortable floating on his own, and in his own words ‘I swimming!  I floating! I jumping! I splooshing!!’  He had to be coerced to leave the pool with the promise of an apres-swim ice cream.  I’ve been out already to get him a proper ‘approved’ swimsuit, and will be back soon!

Today, Easter Sunday, was an even better today. Easter bunny left a little stash of goodies on Liam’s bed, which he starting popping into his mouth as quick as could be!  We met up with friends down at Parc Phoenix (down near Nice Airport) and it was HOPPING!!  Every Easter they plan a 3 day Easter extravaganza…. Easter Egg hunts, bouncy castles, pony rides (which we never did find) and the usual animals and parkland to enjoy.  The weather was so fine today, that the gardens were strewn with picnicking families… I’m sure we’ll be doing that later this summer too! Besides, I’ve yet to see the resident peacock!

We took Liam and Tess on the toddler easter-egg hunt in the bales of hay, and they swapped their baskets of found painted eggs for a bag full of little chocolate easter eggs.  Then we headed over to the musical fountains, which they LOVED, and hung around while they both got soaked by the spray — their squeals of delight was wonderful! Then off for a meander to see the wallabies and guinea pigs and turkeys… and lots and lots of ducks! After a bit of play in the playground we headed for the exit to come back to our place for a BBQ.

12 BBQ skewers later, 1 bowl of green salad, 1 bowl of potato salad, 1 bowl of pasta salad, several bottles of wine and some lovely pastry for dessert and we were DONE!  I still can’t believe 4 people managed to put away so much food!!  Excellent!!

Liam and Tess had such a good time playing together all afternoon…. the sandbox was a huge hit, and it wasn’t long before they were covering each other with sand. Cars, trucks, strollers, drawing… they were a dynamic duo all afternoon long.  When they both started to look a bit worse for wear we popped them in front of a movie, but it wasn’t long again  before they were tearing about tossing jet balls around the house.

Where do they get there engery?  Oh yeah…. lots of chocolate eggs.

Liam’s down for an early bedtime (and mum won’t be far behind). We’ve got a playdate planned in Monaco with mum’s boss tomorrow morning, and then hopefully the rest of the afternoon to chill out in the sun on the terrace. Ah. Gotta love long weekends.