Weather is all over the map right now… we’ve gone from a spectacularly warm and sunny Easter Sunday to a week of cool, grey, drizzly weather, and the forecast is calling for more of the same for the upcoming week. It figures, since mum optimistically put all the winter clothes away to pull out the spring stuff!!  But once this weather passes, we’re pretty much guaranteed about 6 months of spectacular Cote d’Azur sunniness!!

We’re having a bit of a ‘chill out’ Sunday today… a jaunt down to the old-town market and a break for coffee and freshly pressed orange juice.  Liam rode his scooter all the way there and back (with daddy’s help of course).  He might be coming down with a cold, so we’ll let him nap extra long today.

Yesterday was a whopper of a day!!  It started relaxing enough… relaxing on the sofa, watching cartoons and eating crepes for breakfast in our pyjamas (daddy makes good crepes with lemon and sugar!)  It was a wet, rainy day, but mum and Liam braved the weather to head down to the pool for a morning swim (and jumping and splooshing!)

After naptime we headed out en famille to little Cyane’s 2nd birthday party.  Her party was held at a ‘kids club’ not too far from our place, and the kids all had a fantastic, sugar-infused time!!  There were two big rooms with padded mats, toys and climbing stuff, and then a third room set out for the food and drink… cake, cupcakes and bonbons galore!! Miraculously we got Liam to agree to leave at 6:30, and managed to feed him a healthy dinner to counter his sugar high!!  It was a lovely party, and we got to catch up with some of our friends too!

It’s going to be another challenging week as mum and dad are super busy with work demands, but we’ll manage, and we are looking forward to April passing quickly so we can get back to our normal, busy life!

Gotta go… dude’s waking up!  🙂