Sorry we’ve not posted for a couple of weeks…. April was a really, really busy month for work, and our intention last weekend was to just lie low and take it easy.  Mission accomplished on the Saturday, we didn’t leave the house at all, and Liam was content to play on the terrace, with his cars, and just spend some good old quality time with mumma.

We were going to do the same on the Sunday, but a knock on the door changed all that!  Our next-door neighbors popped over to let us know that they were having a birthday party for their son, Matteo, who was turning 4… and Liam was more than welcome to come.  I must admit, the idea was a bit daunting as we don’t really know our neighbors all that well other than passing them in the stairwell, but it was a very sweet gesture to include us, so mumma and Liam pulled a ‘just in case’ gift out of the box under the bed, and headed over for some good wishes and cake.  We ended up spending most of the afternoon over there. The party was mostly family (and they have a HUGE extended family with lots of kids).  Liam had a grand time, and knows exactly where Matteo keeps all of his cars.  And it was good for him to be immersed in French (and a nice little challenge for mum’s french conversational skills).  Daddy made a brief appearance, and then disappeared again to do some work at home.

The week was fairly uneventful.  Mumma’s work schedule was much more relaxed, and daddy took Liam out for his usual morning jaunts (the beach, the port, the playground).  The weather has still been cooler and wetter than usual, but it’s going to turn to full-on summer weather anyday. I can feel it.

This weekend was super-busy, and lots of fun.  I think we’re all a bit exhausted, and wishing it was a holiday weekend so we could have one extra day to just do nothing!

Yesterday we were invited to lunch over at our friends place down near the port. Shellee, James, and their kids Taylor (5) and Emmerson (3), were wonderful hosts and we were happy to finally see their fantastic waterfront apartment. It’s amazing, what views!!!  It overlooks the entrance to the port, and two of the huge yellow Corsica ferry boats came into the harbour that afternoon, passing right under our noses, which Liam is STILL talking about.  Liam had so much fun playing with Taylor and Emmerson, and spent most of the afternoon trailing Taylor, who he was obviously idolizing. Taylor was incredibly nice and patient with his little shadow!  We stayed far longer than we had intended, drank more wine than intended, but it was such a great time!  We’d been trying to get together for months now… hopefully we can see them again soon, perhaps at ours for a famous Ferguson BBQ!!  Liam was absolutely shattered when we finally got home after 7 (having missed his nap), so it was early to bed (and late to rise, as he didn’t get up until 9 am this morning!)

Today we went to visit baby Kaj…. (pronounced Kai, born Friday the 13th of April).  Kaj Maximus DeFelice. Kaj and his mummy and daddy (Lina and Fed) are leaving in a few weeks to move to Western Australia, so it really was a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ moment. But we hope that we’ll see them again when they travel back to Europe annually to visit family and friends. And we’ll have to content ourselves by watching baby Kaj grow up from afar over Facebook.  We’re a bit sad to be losing a potential playmate for our little Liam, and a really nice couple of friends for us.

And one final note:  A special mention to Liam’s ‘Purple Pillow’.  For quite some time, we though that Liam’s bunny would be that one thing that he needed for comfort. So much so, that we bought a ‘back up bunny’.  When he was in his cot, he would wake up and gather up all of his pillows (3) and his 2 bunnies, and then ask to come out. One bunny and one pillow would come with us when we travelled.   But he’s narrowed it down to a solid winner….. purple pillow.  He won’t sleep without it, and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he can tell exactly WHICH pillow is the purple pillow, even in the dark, half asleep.  Oh, he still likes his bunnies too. And he’s a pillow junkie, and has recently claimed one of mummy’s comfy pillows as his own.  But NOTHING comes close to purple pillow. We’ll have to figure out how to make that square of fabric last for the next 5 years or so!!!