This post is more for Liam than anything else… I’ll be interested, 10 years from now, how his diet changes.

Dear Liam. Please, please, please eat some fruit!!! It’s crazy that you won’t eat fruit. It’s nature’s candy!! With the exception of a banana, Liam won’t touch the stuff. He turns his nose at strawberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes, coconut, kiwi, pears.  I know he likes them. I KNOW IT. He just won’t eat them. Unless they’re in smoothies, purees, or some other hidden format (he had dried apricots in his oatmeal this morning).

What’s with that?

He is crazy about his fresh juice (thanks again to Grandpa Jeffrey in NZ for the juicer he got us for a wedding gift, it is WELL USED with your grandson — and us.).  Liam loves to make carrot-apple-ginger-celery-spinach juice. He’ll drink 2 or 3 glasses of the stuff, and with the exception of cutting the fruit and veg, he does it all himself (supervised, of course). So we know he’s getting good vitamins.

Dude is a pretty good veg eater:  he is quite fond of broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, potato… and CRAZY for mushrooms. Crazy. We can often sneak in some asparagus or peppers or zucchini if we cut them small enough.  But up until this past weekend he wouldn’t touch cooked carrots (which is crazy considering how much he LOVES his carrot juice). But thanks to carrots being served at lunch at Shellee and James’s place last weekend, Liam suddenly loves carrots!  Hooray!!

We’ll keep pushing the fruits over the summer (and failing that, we’ll be having a LOT of fruit smoothies and frozen fruit ice lollies), and try to turn him on to some other fantastic summertime fare as it comes to season:  olives, avocados, beets, cucumber, plums, peaches, cherries… Mmmm.

All in all, he’s actually a really good eater. Healthy, fresh stuff. (with a generous helping from time to time of not so healthy stuff, just for fun!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Woolley for all the packets of Jello!)

I’ll be interested to see how openminded he is about food as he grows…. and if he ever starts eating fruit.