We’re not ‘celebrating’ mothers day today, as we’ve decided that since Liam will be growing up in France, and will be educated in France and immersed in french culture, we’re best off to acknowledge mother’s day with the French, which will be June 3 this year (that’s a not-so-subtle reminder for daddy). What do I want for mother’s day this year?  Aside from a ‘quality’ day with my two fellas, I’d like to be able to eat my dinner at a relaxed pace, and with both hands. I’d like to be able to go to the loo without Liam pushing his way in. And I’d love to be the one to sleep in for a change, but I’m not exactly hopeful on that point. And if Liam should like to make me breakfast, then that would be lovely.  He makes a wicked cappuccino!

It’s been a good week. The usual midweek stuff with daddy… and yesterday we decided to take a drive out to one of the big ‘home’ stores to buy an parasol for our terrace (so Liam can have shade to play in his sandbox), and while we were out that way, we stopped at Parc Vaugrenier in Antibes for a bit of a wander in the woods to see the ducks.  Liam was terribly outgoing with other kids that we passed along the way, which is awesome considering they speak different languages.

Speaking of languages, we’ve downloaded a couple of ‘learning french’ apps for kids onto the ipad, which Liam has really taken to, and his french vocabulary is starting to grow!!  It’s a great time to start him on a second language.  He’s also really taken a liking to jigsaw puzzle and memory game apps, and since they’re all so educational, we don’t really mind him playing!  Better than a video game or TV!!  (don’t get me wrong, he still gets TV, just less of it).

We’re just back from a nice day out with some friends in Cagnes-Sur-Mer, which is just two towns to the west of Nice, in between Nice and Antibes. Today the town closed the seaside route to traffic, and made a ‘family friendly zone’ where you could walk, bike, scoot, etc along the waterfront, and there were tons of free activities for the kids:  pony rides, go carts, games, bouncy castles…. etc.  We didn’t actually do any of the activities, as Liam was quite happy to just run around with his buddy Josh and watch the bigger kids.  But if the line was shorter, I really would have liked for him to have tried a pony ride.  But I figure he’d chicken out at the last minute, so no sense in queuing up for 30 minutes just to have him cry ‘no pony!  no pony!’

We had an impromptu lunch with Eric, Lynsey and little Josh, and Aurelie, Paul, and their girls Perla and Cyane, as we were all in Cagnes-sur-Mer today, It was difficult to get Liam to sit still at the table as he really doesn’t have sit-down lunches, but with a bit of iPhone and lollipop coaching, we made it through. It was lovely to see our friends, and Liam has been asking after Josh for  a few weeks, so it was a good day out.

Can’t believe it’s Sunday afternoon already. Busy week ahead, although Thursday and Friday are bank holidays in Monaco, so hopefully it will all  calm down before next weekend.