Mummy isn’t the only one who just celebrated a birthday!  Liam’s BFF Tess turned two May 23rd as well, and we’ve been eyeing the weather hoping for a break so that her birthday party would go ahead as planned today (it was already postponed once because of thunderstorms).

It was a promising start to the day… warm and sunny, and we took Liam down for a jaunt to the old town market to try to tucker him out enough to take a bit of a nap before Tess’s party.  And, in a nice turn of events, ran into a friend of Adam’s who also has a boy about 6 months younger than Liam, and also Liam’s little friend Martine.

After a very brief afternoon nap, we headed about 40 minutes west to Susan and Emeil’s house, as the weather became increasingly cloudy. The radio announcers were calling for rain to start shortly, affecting the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, so no doubt it would catch up with us soon!! Oh no!

Tess’s party was fantastic, and Liam had a grand time!! Her little friends Erica and Amelie were also there (Liam prefers to be outnumbered by the ladies anyway!), and it took no time at all before he made himself at home with Tess, her friends, and all of her toys!!  They were all so well behaved, and no power plays for toys or anything (at least not until evening when they were all becoming tuckered little tots).

The rain finally did catch us in spectacular style… thunder and lightning all around… but Susan had filled the little paddling pool up with lovely warm water, and the kids were completely happy to be sitting, playing and splashing in the pool as the rain came down in torrents around them (the pool was under an awning, so although they weren’t getting directly rained on, it certainly did chill down a bit!)

And Tess kindly loaned Liam a little cardigan to wear apres-swim, so please excuse the fact that he’s wearing a bring pink sweater in some of the pictures!!  (Also, sorry again to Tess… Liam managed to bite a hole in the swimming pool, deflating it fairly quickly… Susan assures us it was held together by carpet tape in a few locations anyway, but still… naughty, naughty boy!!)

Dinner was fantastic… Mumma (me) made a hearty appetizer consisting of a wheel of brie, topped with raspberry jam, and baked into a puff pastry.  And Susan and Emeil’s smorgasbord of gazpacho, chicken shishkebabs, potato salad, pasta salad, and of course, birthday cake — well, it was all fantastic and we can still barely move from all the food we consumed!! And I’m happy to report that Liam really liked the gazpacho, so I’ll be making plenty of it this summer (with less onion than I usually do!).

We got home just before 8:30pm, and Liam was pretty much put in his jammies, a couple of books, then off to bed.

I think I’m not far behind!!

It was another great weekend, can’t believe Monday is just a few hours away.

PS… May 23 is an awesome day!  Deb’s birthday, Tess’s birthday, Rosa’s son Sam turned 10, and our good friend Nicole in London welcomed her nephew.  So many people to celebrate in only one day!!