Well, it’s Mother’s Day in France.

I’d like to thank Liam for waking up ridiculously early befpre 06:30 again… and I’d like to thank Adam for letting me get up that early too, so that he could sleep in until 07:45. Awesome.

If you haven’t caught my drift… it’s been a completely disappointing, forgettable mother’s day, and with the exception of Adam making me bacon for breakfast (which I thoughtfully bought yesterday), then it would have completely passed us by unnoticed.  We’ve come a far way from that promising first mother’s day where I enjoyed bacon and eggs and coffee in bed.

Humbug. “Mother’s Day” should just be called ‘Just another day”.

Other than that, it’s been a brilliant day… we met up with a few friends at the Parc Vaugrenier just up the coast, and Liam was very excited to see Josh and Guilianna again. The sun was shining and the day was hot, and the kids, who started off clean, ended up filthy, tired and happy. After a quick picnic lunch, we headed home so Liam could nap… since he was up so early, and it was such a hot day, we didn’t want to risk him getting overtired.

He’ll be up soon, and while he’s sleeping I’m making up a batch of my banana bread. Y’know. Cuz mom’s do that. And it’s mother’s day.