The month of May has come and gone, and the weather, shockingly, isn’t any better now than it was at the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, we’re out on the terrace every day, and in shorts and tshirts… but we’ve had absolutely no use for sunscreen (or for the parasol that we’ve already bought, and the fans we’ve already brought out of storage). It’s starting to get annoying.

But at least it’s more comfortable for Liam, and we haven’t really had to deal with any mozzies yet this season (and Liam isn’t terribly fond of his mosquito net over his bed… it kind of freaks him out… and the concept of mosquitos biting him worries him… I think he thinks they’ve got big teeth!!)

Liam’s enjoyed many an outing with daddy this week to see forklifts and diggers.  Forklifts are his new favourite thing (for the week).  Mummy’s friend Clair is down from Scotland for a week with her little boy Ollie (who is almost 3) and his baby sister, Baby Katie. We played hooky for a day and met up with them down at the beach and did our best to catch up while the boys played.

Today’s playdate was cancelled at the last minute, so when Liam woke up I asked him “Where do you want to go today?”  “Italy,” he said.  Well, we didn’t really feel like driving 45 minutes to get to Italy, so we popped over to St Jean Cap Ferrat instead, and told him it was Italy.  Worked a charm, and at bedtime he was telling me how he saw boats in Italy, helicopters in Italy, and had an ‘orange presse’ in Italy (freshly squeezed orange juice).   Liam, when you are reading back through your blog in 10 years time… yes, we lied to you. A wee bit. But when I asked you yesterday if you did a poo, you looked me in the eyes and said “I not do a poo”, when my sense of smell told me otherwise. So, you know… tit for tat. We’re even (for now).

Liam has also started to take an interest in yoga… I don’t know why or how, but it’s pretty cool!!  He was in the bathtub the other day, and shouted out ‘I’m doing yoda” as his bum stuck up in the air (it’s totally acceptable to make Star Wars related slip ups in our house), and the last 2 nights after his bath he likes to do a bit of yoga with mummy before putting on his pyjamas. He prefers the downward dog and tree poses!!!

It was a lovely day, and if the weather holds we should be heading out to the forest and outdoor playpark tomorrow to meet up with a few other families. And then we’ll come back home for a feast of daddy’s famous BBQ’d ratatouille. With fresh parmesan. Yum.

PS A special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Simmons in NZ for the books that arrived in the post this week. Liam LOVES books and rotates through them all regularly.  We hope to Skype with you soon, and wish you an early happy birthday

PPS It’s mothers day in France tomorrow (well, today as it’s already past midnight). THIS IS A REMINDER TO DADDY. Mother’s Day… ya know…. the day to show your appreciation to the mother of your child for all of the things that she does to raise and nurture your child. So you can play video games. (there’s a pack of bacon in the fridge… pork products for breakfast is a good way to start).