Poor Liam was under the weather this week (but completely recovered now).  Monday night was a bad night for sleeping, and daddy was booted to the sofa so that Liam could sleep with mummy in the big bed.  A bit of a blessing for daddy, as he undoubtedly got the best night sleep of all of us, as Liam was fitful, and crying every hour or so.

Liam’s fever was sky high all the next day, peaking at over 38 degrees (Celcius), the highest he’s ever had. I played hooky to stay home and take care of him, which basically meant that I became a human pillow and had to watch endless back-to-back Pixar movies. We need new movies.

Next day he was well on the mend. Still a bit of a suck, but no more fever, and his appetite back to normal. And every day since, he’s gotten more back to himself.

It’s been a great and busy weekend, as usual.

Our friends, Aurelie and Paul, held their annual BBQ, and we spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and the wine, and watching all the kids have a grand time. It was a huge difference for us from last year, as Liam is now a full year older and doesn’t need us trailing after him constantly. Although he was more timid with the kids he didn’t know already (who were all french speaking), he was happy to play with his buddies Josh, Taylor and Emmerson, or just mucking about on his own. He was absolutely filthy at the end of the day (a sure sign of a great afternoon), and although he was an absolute mess when we got home due to lack of nap, we quickly had him fed, bathed and off to noddyland, where he slept a full 12 hours.

We were supposed to see his little friend Martine today up at the Chateau, where there is a musical festival going on…. however, Martine is susceptible to illness, and we received a message this morning that she has been vomiting for the last 24 hours or so, and the doctor says her blood test indicate she may have whooping cough.

So. We took Liam to the beach instead!!  No sense in exposing him to an illness unnecessarily!!  He’s still pretty shattered from the big day out yesterday, but he did get out for a bit of a spin on his bike (he’s not confident on it yet), and he enjoyed a beverage break at the beach (until he fell over his own feet and bumped his head on the sidewalk…  at which point we hightailed it back home for naptime).

We’ve tons of plans over the next month, so you can look forward to a whole lotta updates and pics!!