I take out Liam every day and we go to various spots around town. On this occassion Liam brought out his cape to wear so I put it on and brought the video camera.

Scooter time! We take the scooter rather than the pushchair unless he requests otherwise. I think its better than passively sitting there and he gets a bit of exercise and a lot of balance practice. Practically, he rides it on his own down our hill and for a few minutes and the rest of the time – usually around 2 hours I pull him around. Yes I have to stoop and get a sore back but I think its worth it. These days he’s steering independently, scooting with confidence at speed and he’s started learning how to use the break on the back.

On this occasion we went to the playpark and then on to the beach where Liam was in for a treat, Bulldozers were grading the beach after a few months of winter storms. Liam watched them work entranced for half an hour. He loves Bulldozers, Front End Loads, Excavators, Forklifts and Cranes and I schedule the routes of our walks around where we might see them in action.

After the bulldozers we went to the beach to throw stones and play telephone with a particular rock, before heading home. We came across one of his wee American Buds Martine and her Mum Kim at a small park near their apartment so stopped for a few minutes to play chase. A good morning out.