Wow. Sunday night… where did the weekend go???

We had hoped to touch base with family over the weekend, so apologies especially to Dan and co up in London, and Granny Simmons in NZ… our weekend has been a whirlwind, and completely got away with us!

So first and foremost, happy Father’s Day to Liam’s daddy… and all the other dads in the Ferguson and Woolley clans.  Adam enjoyed having his coffee and breakfast made for him by his wife and son… who then left him in peace for a couple of hours so he could take care of the ‘manly’ tasks of stripping the paint off part of the terrace wall, and repotting some of our plants.

This weekend has come and gone in a blink… we knew it would, but still, here we are on Sunday evening, and only just now finding 5 minutes to put our feet up and relax!  And Monday is looming… another busy week! We need summer to SLOW DOWN!

Saturday morning we headed out to the bricolage (like a big DIY shop) to pick up some of the stuff we’d need to re-do the terrace walls.  Because of a leak into our downstairs neighbors apartment, the workmen have come and painted a big corner of the terrace with a white sealant, so now the whole terrace wall is in need of painting.  And although mummy wanted to just do a ‘cover up’ job to fix the colour, daddy wants to do it properly, and so he’s started stripping the layers of paint off the wall, so we can fill it, smooth it, prime it and paint it.  I think we were a little optimistic trying to get this done before Nicole’s visit in 2 weeks, but at least its started!  And it will look fab when done.

After the Bricolage we went to the garden store, to replace the sick bougainvillea that we finally had to chop down, and we picked up a little red oleander too. Always nice to spruce up the flowers in the summer!

Liam had a bit of a catnap, and then we went down to the beach to join up with some other families who were having a beach picnic dinner.  It took us a while to find them, but it was lovely once we did, and there was a big excavator parked on the beach, and Liam got to stand on it’s enormous tracks!! He still talks about that. Plus, the gay pride parade was on, and Liam was really enjoying the music!!  On the way home we stopped for gelato, and Liam asked for his usual stracchiatella… but he quickly abandoned that in favour of mumma’s watermelon and vanilla ice cream!

Today was another great and fully packed day…. while daddy did his ‘Father’s Day DIY’ on the terrace, mumma and Liam went down to the market in the old town, and stopped for a strawberry milkshake on the way back. And then after a very brief nap, we hopped in the car and out to Peymeinade to Susan, Emeil and Tess’s house for a lovely afternoon of playing, swimming and BBQ.  We always have a wonderful time with them… and Liam especially enjoyed the pool!  We said our good-byes after 8pm, and Liam couldn’t stop giving Tess kisses and hugs (well… he couldn’t stop because we kept urging them to do it again… it was so adorable!!)  Those two kids are great together. Not a fight to be had, both fantastic at sharing, and both as sweet as pie.  Really looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Liam’s come down with a cold now, so hopefully he’s not too exhausted to fight it and get back to his normal, healthy, happy self!