Sorry to the Woolley’s in Canada who’ve been worried that we’ve been offline for the last couple of days…. as you know, we couldn’t get a mobile signal at all at our Gite (which was VERY FRUSTRATING, but we were making the best of it since we at least had decent wifi access). However, early Thursday evening a flash storm snuck up, and the house was hit by lightning — and the wifi router and telephone lines were all destroyed. In fact, the telephone lines in town were also all out.

So, there we were. Completely cut off from the outside world!  And not at all happy about it. But we did make the best of it, and Liam enjoyed walks on the Stevenson trail through the woods, and more lazing about in the river, blissfully unaware at how stressed and anxious mummy  and daddy were to be unavailable to their clients.

But we are home again, and Liam is happily sleeping in his own bed, surrounded by all his toys and books. And we all enjoyed a HOT shower for a change!  And a decent cup of coffee! And we had a brief visit with the lovely Nicole before we dropped her and Colin off at the airport for their return to London.

Daddy is performing some critical CPR on mummy’s computer now, which we hope will be up and running again in the next couple of days… so sorry, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the fantastic pics from days 5, 6, and our stop off to the Unesco site ” The Pont du Gard”, on the way home.